History of the Women’s Club of Coconut Creek

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The Women’s Club of Coconut Creek

In 1970, 45 women met to form a social group known as the Women’s Civic Club of Coconut Creek. From the first year the Club made a determined effort to provide benefits to their community.  Their primary objective became “The betterment of the City of Coconut Creek”.  Their secondary objective is “Other projects as approved by the membership.” Over the years the name changed to
The Women’s Club of Coconut Creek.  It is the oldest civic organization in the city.
The first president, Polly Key, organized the club into conducting the city’s first bake sale and rummage sale to help fund a donation for the building blocks for the hoped for Community Center building.  The original building was completed in 1973.

In 2006 the city dedicated the newly renovated and renamed Rowe Center.  The center is a tribute to Jack Rowe, who served as mayor and councilman of Coconut Creek, and Ethel Rowe, the City’s first recreation professional and one of the founders of the Women’s Club.

In 1972, with president Hazel Worsham at the helm, the club started its scholarship fund.  That first year they awarded Allan Metzger, a city resident, $300 towards his college tuition.  Over the 40 plus year history of the club, the members, families and co-sponsor City of Coconut Creek raised funds that enabled the club to present scholarships totaling over $200,000 to more than 300 students from Coconut Creek, including adults. The very first adult that received a scholarship from the club was Patti Miller in 1992.  Patti was a member and was therefore eligible to apply for a scholarship to enable her to study for her mortgage broker license.

In addition to the scholarships, the club has provided funds for youth activities, such as Police Explorers, Flag Football, and Softball League.

The club raises funds through their Annual Fair, Festival of Lights and Garage Sale.  In addition they have a Santa’s Brunch for Coconut Creek children.  The members also volunteer for City of Coconut Creek events such as the annual Butterfly Festival.  In addition the club members still like to have social events, such as going to plays, dinners and evening get-togethers.

The club year coincides with the school year – September – June.

For the Betterment of The Community !