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Our meeting address:

Coconut Creek Community Center
1100 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33063
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What We Do

Each year The Women's Club of Coconut Creek distributes money they have raised in the form of scholarships to graduating seniors that reside in Coconut Creek.



WHO'S ELIGIBLE: ANY Class of 2023 local high school graduate who resides in Coconut Creek


  • Academic Achievement
  • Financial Need
  • School and Community Activities
  • Essay

Selections will be based on a composite of these factors.


  • Complete the attached application in its entirety. See below. 
  • Attach a one-page essay that includes the high school you are attending, a little bit about yourself (including extra curricular activities, career goals and ambitions), and how receiving this scholarship might make a difference for you. 
  • Enclose three (3) signed letters of reference from teachers, employers, or others familiar with your achievements.
  • Return all of the above items to your BRACE Advisor (or appropriate counselor) by March 30, 2023.
  • Your BRACE Advisor will attach a copy of your sealed high school transcript and then forward the completed packet to the Scholarship Chairperson

Please note that the information submitted will be held in confidence by the Scholarship Chairpersons.

Scholarship money will be distributed to the college or vocational school selected by the recipient(s).




Women's Club of Coconut Creek Scholarship Recipients 2022


                                                  NAME                                    HIGH SCHOOL                            SCHOLARSHIP


                                          Gabriella Almonte                               Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Britney Calindo                                   Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Hailey Cutherell                                  Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Bianca Filippone                            Pompano Beach                               $1,000


                                          Michelle Gordon                                  Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Jodi Gray                                               Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Layla Isnady                                St. Thomas Aquinas                             $1,000


                                          Kayla Jacques                                    Atlantic Tech                                  $1,000 


                                          Savanna Kennedy                                    NBP                             Cathy Podraza Scholarship


                                          Sef Matarasso                                      Monarch                                      $1,000


                                          Ella Russo                                       Pompano Beach                                $1,000


                                          Sarah Sonnenberg                         Deerfield Beach                                $1,000


                                         Hailey Vasquez                                 Pompano Beach                               $1,000


                                         Sofia Vilschiz-Hernandez                   Coconut Creek                                $1,000 


The Women's Club of Coconut Creek works along side Coconut Creek High School with their student mentoring program. Women will meet with one or more students each week and mentor them by sharing their life experience, tutoring, and more. This incredibly impactful program is aimed at helping our local student succeed in both their personal and scholarly lives. 

This program is open to the community, men and women alike, not just Women's Club members. 

 If you are interested in learning more about the mentor program please contact:

Roz Greenberg - 754-205-7283



The Women’s Club of Coconut Creek works with the City of Coconut Creek on a variety of citywide projects and events such as Fall Harvest and Butterfly Festival. The city frequently involves the Women’s Club and its members for various volunteer opportunities, input for project ideas, and more. We sponsor the Police Explorers, local youth sports teams, and have a started a fund for teachers. Finally, we spearhead a variety of community outreach efforts such as supporting other local nonprofits.

One community outreach activity began at Sonata Coconut Creek Senior Living. On the first wednesday of every month, club members and their friends and family come together to have a game night at the senior living center. The residents cherish the event and the game night volunteers have a wonderful time working along side the residents. The most popular game of choice is Bingo. 

The women's club has also been touring local nonprofits within the city and finding new ways to support our local charities. They have had donation drives for S.O.S. Children's Villages, attended local walks and fundraisers, and offer volunteers as needed. 

About Us

The Women's Club of Coconut Creek is a group of women dedicated to helping their community and raising money for scholarships for resident High School seniors.